Custom Considerations


1. Start with an idea...
Portraits capture an image, but they can do far more than that. Portraits can tell a story- they can celebrate your interests, personality, and more. 
Consider bringing two or three changes of clothing. One may be formal, another informal. Perhaps one that tells about your interests- a uniform, a significant tee shirt. Along with clothing, consider props. If you’re an athlete, a musician, a collector- what prized possession helps to define you?
Think in terms of what the picture is meant to capture- you may want to go beyond the physical image and express who you are as well. A custom portrait goes beyond what you look like- it describes who you are.
2. Location, location, location...
The indoor studio allows for creatively capturing you with a backdrop, either solid-color or patterned. Outside the studio is a natural environment with trees and outdoor furniture.
You may want to consider a location shoot- choosing a place that you especially like or that is meaningful in some way. Location shoots are a great way to personalize your image, but be sure to consider things like time of day, controlling people who may be in the background, and getting permission for shooting on private property that is not your own.
3. Hair and makeup is important...
Male or female, hair, and to some degree makeup, is an important consideration. Hair should be freshly washed and conditioned for a photograph. Avoid too many additives to hair, and remember that outdoor shooting in humid weather can create a frizzy look that you probably don’t want. Let hair dry completely in a dry and cool area, if possible, to control it. 
Like your hair, skin should be freshly washed to avoid an oily look. Be sure that make up enhances your look and doesn’t distract. WEPS Photo utilizes several local professional makeup artists; if interested, discuss their availability when scheduling the shoot. Do not worry about pimples or blemishes- it’s easier to remove them in post-processing on a computer than it is to correct them with heavy makeup. Let them be and trust that they won’t be visible in your final images.
Males- decide whether you want a clean-shaven look or a “scruffier” appearance and groom accordingly. Pay close attention to your skin as you shave- the camera will pick up any areas that you miss. And do not shave just before the shoot- skin may be slightly irritated after a fresh shave and appear discolored.
4. Set a date and time...
Finally, contact  [email protected] to find a time to discuss the shoot and decide upon an available date and time.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the meeting, the remainder of the shooting fee on the date of the shoot itself.